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parpy The most accomplished album in my humble opinion. I love the debauchery of energy given by the guitar and the drums that come to hammer the whole thing. The voice, I'm starting to get used to it ^^, the lyrics are cool and the themes covered are striking. The production is huge.
If you press it on CD, I'll take it. Favorite track: I can't sleep at night..
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Intro. 00:31
Out of this ancient patriarchal society we don't believe in your rules, in your gods, in your so-called democracy, we grew sick of your lies and behind your smiles there's contempt in disguise. We can make our own decisions, we don't need you, do you realize? So fuck these guys.
Hikikomori. 02:42
Made and rejected by society I've never wanted to be lonely but you guys decided for me. I'm the one you won't see or hear. Can you tell me how to disappear and never be found? People call me hikikomori. Social suicide I feel dead inside. In this world I feel out of place, I fade away without a trace and you won't be sorry when I'm gone. I suffer from obsessive fear. Can you tell me how to disappear? Oh please tell me how to disappear and never be found.
Melancholy. 03:42
Heavy heart's a switchblade, open it to invade and engrave my memory: melancholy. Trying to shut you up sowing the seeds of doubt friend or foe I want you out. When lost you hold the reins it feels like heavy rain, as a burden you stick around, always stick around. Silence has never been with you always lurking, a constant row, never serene. Let me take my stance unless I'll give up hope or I will dance at the end of a rope. I'd rather walk with you by my side than have you hold me back. Done or to come you bring me down.
Friday night's perfect to let herself go wild. People like the action and she knows it. Any kind of reaction she'll provoke it and she'll do it her way. She's on the borderline of being crazy. She walked the line, she's on the run yeah. Hitting the pavement she lights a cigarette. Ain't nobody's little girl anymore, storm out in a whirl she did it before and she'll do it again.
Shot in the dark, searching for an exit. Crawling in the dark, falling down a bottomless pit. I can't sleep at night untill the morning light comes and solves the problem. Stories I don't understand are spinning round in my head, drugs could be a helping hand, sometimes I'd rather be dead. The expression of my oppression has currently no therapy.
They made this world a shithole as a legacy. Nothing could prevent the fall there's no remedy. Sail away trying to reach an improved place to live. Find a way when government is inoperative. The dream of freedom came true when we cleared our minds. We left everything behind going towards you.
Get out of my way, one more free market son of a bitch. Get out of my way, you steal from the poor to give to the rich.
A broken heart and a silent scream, first time I saw you on the screen, you were so pure and grand made me understand the meaning of love. This song is my confession, sorry for the chords progression. I watched your tv show but I used to hate 90210. Big heartache, teen drama. You pulled the trigger of my gun Kathleen Robertson. Forever and ever you'll be my lover even if others came after you. You're gone with my lost years. Forever and ever you'll be my lover even if others came after you. You're the proof that god exists, when you smile I can't resist. A beating heart and deaden screams, you played a part in my wet dream.
Time is money but working is a waste of time. I dont know why, oh I dont know why. People wanna live their dreams but dont even live the life. I dont know why, oh I dont know why. We're from nowhere going nowhere, we are worth nothing. You say if you want it it's easy to succeed. I don't think so, no I don't think so. Because the way you define success is not mine. Your suits and ties are made of loot and lies. Game over player won't play no more next stage is about homelessness/hopelessness
Guess who's coming to get you? Time's up no fooling around I dug a deep hole in the ground. Ready or not here I come, you can't run nor you can't hide, I do hope you enjoyed the ride. No need to pray it's all decay. Fading away it's all decay. No matter how fast you run I will end up catching you, I've waited so long to meet you. I've crossed so many oceans to finally withhold you. I've waited so long to have you. I'm more than a shadow, way more than a ghost, colder than a whisper down your neck.


released September 11, 2020

Produced by KNBNS and Sébastien Langle.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Sébastien Langle.
All songs by KNBNS.
Artwork by Juliette Dirty Sanchez.
Photography by Elodie Verroust.
Layout by Orel.

Simon: Guitars and vocals.
Marion: Bass and vocals.
Alex: Drums.


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THE KONBINIS Vitré, France

Pop punk / Skate punk since 2011

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